Prehysteria was designed as a final project for a “Game Concept Design” class I took my first semester at UAT. It was written as a 35-page game doc.


Prehysteria was the first full-length game doc I wrote.  It took a lot of work considering I’ve never written a game doc before, but I managed to get 35 pages and I’m really proud of it. Obviously, it’s nothing I really plan to make into an actual game, but it was a fun project that combined two of my interests: dinosaurs and video games. I wanted to do something new with this game, and I think I achieved that with the idea of playing an RPG with characters that are not human-like in appearance. This same new concept, however, could be the major flaw of the game; since the characters are not human-like, it could make it difficult for players to connect with their characters, rendering them uninterested. The game also combines several different genres into an RPG, which I think could be done effectively in other RPG’s to produce a more unique and intriguing experience.
Overall, Prehysteria was a stepping stone for future projects, and has given me some good insight on incorporating other genres’ elements into a different genre.


Focus Statement

Prehysteria is an RPG-style game where players control a dinosaur of their choice on a search for power in this dinosaur-ruled world.


Prehysteria is a role-playing game at its core, and also features other genre types, depending on which class players select: Brontosauruses, Nothronychuses, Stegosauruses, and Spinosauruses have strategy elements; Compsognathuses, Stegocerases, Spinosauruses, and Troodons have puzzle elements; Deinonychuses and Oviraptors have stealth elements; and Triceratops and Tyrannosauruses have fighting elements, Also, for the sake of simplicity, Prehysteria will be considered a console game in this document, although it could very well be a larger success on the PC.

Game Progression

The design of Prehysteria is to guide players through the story and to the end of the game by using story-driven quests, which must be completed by players. However, there are a number of side quests which players are encouraged to complete as they provide crucial rewards, such as items, amber, weapons, and levels.

Table of Contents:

Overview                                                                                                           page 5.
-Focus Statement                                                                                  page 5.
-Genre                                                                                                  page 5.
-Game Progression                                                                               page 5.

Game Mechanics                                                                                               page 6.
-Core Game Play                                                                                   page 6.
-Nature of the Game Play                                                           page 6.
-Perspective & Player Interaction                                                page 6.
-Game Difficulty                                                                                    page 6.
-Victory Conditions                                                                    page 6.
-Defeat Conditions                                                                    page 7.
-Core Game Controls                                                                             page 8.
-Movement                                                                                page 8.
-Health                                                                                      page 8.
-Combat                                                                                   page 8.
-Primal Combat                                                                         page 9.
-Actions                                                                                    page 9.
-General User Interface                                                                          page 10.
-Start-Up Screen                                                                        page 10.
-In-Game Screen                                                                        page 11.
-Main Menu                                                                               page 12.
-Character Sub Menu                                                     page 12.
-Leveling Sub Menu                                                       page 12.
-Items Sub Menu                                                           page 12.
-Map Sub Menu                                                             page 13.
-Options Sub Menu                                                       page 13.
-Exit Game Sub Menu                                                    page 13.
-Quest System                                                                                      page 13.
-Story-Driven Quests                                                                 page 13.
-Level One,                                                                   page 13.
-Level Two,                                                                   page 13.
-Level Three,                                                                 page 14.
-Level Four,                                                                   page 14.
-Level Five,                                                                   page 14.
-Level Six,                                                                     page 14.
-The Final Quest                                                            page 14.
-Rewards System                                                                      page 15.
-Side Quests                                                                             page 15.
-Leveling Up                                                                                          page 15.
-Focus Points                                                                           page 15.
-Blocks                                                                                     page 16.
-Leveling Menu                                                                          page 16.
-Resetting                                                                                 page 18.
-Multiplayer                                                                                           page 18.

Game Elements                                                                                                 page 19.
-Characters                                                                                           page 19.
-Player Characters                                                                     page 19.
-Classes                                                                                   page 19.
-Brontosaurus                                                               page 19.
-Compsognathus                                                           page 20.
-Deinonychus                                                                page 20.
-Nothronychus                                                               page 20.
-Oviraptor                                                                     page 20.
-Stegoceras                                                                  page 20.
-Stegosaurus                                                                page 21.
-Spinosaurus                                                                 page 21.
-Triceratops                                                                   page 21.
-Troodon                                                                       page 21.
-Tyrannosaurus                                                              page 21.
-Alignments                                                                               page 22.
-Hierarchy                                                                                 page 22.
-Key Non-Player Characters                                                       page 23.
-Aequitas Tutela Rex                                                      page 23.
-Quietus Dissimulo Rex                                                 page 23.
-Torva Venator Rex                                                        page 24.
-Dementis Deus                                                                        page 24.
-Enemies                                                                                  page 24.
-Bosses                                                                                    page 24.
-Items                                                                                                   page 24.
-Weapons                                                                                             page 24.
-Objects & Mechanisms                                                                         page 25.
-Artificial Intelligence                                                                              page 25.

Story Overview                                                                                                  page 26.
-Goals                                                                                                  page 26.
-Stories                                                                                                 page 26.
-Brontosaurus                                                                           page 26.
-Compsognathus                                                                       page 26.
-Deinonychus                                                                            page 26.
-Nothronychus                                                                           page 26.
-Oviraptor                                                                                 page 26.
-Stegoceras                                                                              page 27.
-Stegosaurus                                                                            page 27.
-Spinosaurus                                                                             page 27.
-Triceratops                                                                               page 27.
-Troodon                                                                                   page 27.
-Tyrannosaurus                                                                          page 27.

Environment                                                                                                      page 28.
-Setting                                                                                                 page 28.
-World Paths                                                                                         page 28.
-Path of the Herbivore                                                               page 28.
-Path of the Carnivore                                                                page 29.
-Path of the Omnivore                                                               page 29.
-Path of the Hysteria                                                                  page 29.
-The World                                                                                            page 30.
-Silva Regina                                                                             page 31.
-Vir                                                                                           page 32.
-Consilium                                                                                 page 32.
-Firmus                                                                                     page 32.
-Ignis Deus                                                                               page 33.
-Levitas                                                                                     page 34.
-Infractus                                                                                  page 34.
-Vis                                                                                          page 34.
-Incrima Heliandum                                                                    page 34.
-Atlus                                                                                        page 34.
-Incomitatus                                                                              page 34.
-Crepido Unum                                                                          page 35.
-Crepido Duobus                                                                       page 35.
-Crepido Tria                                                                             page 35.

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