The Robo-Dino Project (Tentative Title)

The Robo-Dino Project, which is a tentative title, is a 2-D Platformer game I am developing in Game Maker. It is currently only in the design phase, and I am working on a design doc. I’m hoping to later get a programmer, artist, and possibly someone to create sound effects and music tracks for the game. The game is intended to be done in a traditional 8-bit style, with the two main characters, which are controlled by the player on-screen at the same time, being a robot and a dinosaur. The game will feature plenty of puzzles involving utilizing the mechanics to one’s advantage, with the robot being the long-range character and the dinosaur being short-range. The game will have a very fun feel to it, with memorable and silly characters. Character development will play a large part of the game, as will story and most importantly mechanics.  As I stated, the game is only in the design phase as of now, but I have been getting a lot of questions about this project so I thought I’d give a brief overview. I hope to get more updates on this project very soon, and would like to get a small team together for next semester.

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