Finals Week Update

At long last, finals week is over! Sorry for not updating in a while everyone, I’ve been bogged down with finals, but you can rest assured that I am already at work on several posts! The following will be posted over the course of the next week, so keep checking back for anything new.

Upcoming posts (in no particular order):
– How Board Games Lead to Better Design

– CTF Map – Strife in the Sky walkthrough videos
– Foster’s Isle Level + screenshots and videos
– Terrain is Your Friend – A Guide to the Terrain Editor
– I Don’t Know How to Do That! – Resources for the Unknowing
Losing Sleep: Why You Shouldn’t Wait til the Last Minute
– “MacGyver It!” – How to Work Around What You Have

Keep a look out for new challenges as well! And I’ll be learning Unity over the next two weeks, so more posts to come with that, too!

    • Jared E. Thompson
    • October 14th, 2010

    “Losing Sleep: Why You Shouldn’t Wait til the Last Minute”

    But what if I don’t consider it losing sleep so much as gaining awake time!? Should think the cup is half full, after all.

    (I’m sort of kidding).

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