Another Finals Week Update

Just wanted to post a quick update since I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been working on finals, trying to get ready for Christmas, preparing new game projects, and generally just trying to get everything together before next semester, which of course means that I’m extremely behind in posts. Not having a working computer makes posting very difficult, but I’ve been writing things on paper and will transcribe them here, along with references, etc., over the course of the next two weeks. After those two weeks, I’ll be going home for the break, so I will not be able to do much of anything on the internet. That’s why I plan on posting all of the articles I have lying around very shortly, when I’m not working on finals and whatnot.

Keep an eye out for these new posts:
– More “What I Learned at GDC”
– Scriptwriting and Game Writing
– Creating Characters in Games
– Killing Characters in Games
– The Power of Emotions
– Gameplay, Gameplay, Gameplay! (Integrating Story into Gameplay)
– Tips & Tricks: The Path to the Design Doc
– Tips & Tricks: A Guide to Portfolios
– Tips & Tricks: A Guide to Resumes
– Tips & Tricks: A Guide to Interviews
– Creating Games from Other Mediums
– Turning “Frankenstein” into a Game
– Tips & Tricks: How to Use the Internet (to Make the Most out of your Education)
– Game Maker and Me
– Interactive Fiction and its Role in Games
– Books for Game Developers and How to Find Them
– The Quest… for Writing Quests!
+ Many More Coming Soon…

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