Kismet Update and CryEngine News

I wanted to apologize for the delay on the Kismet workshop everybody; I’ve been caught in a giant web of finals! I’m just about done with them all though, so as soon as I turn the last one in, I’ll be adding the finishing touches to the Kismet video. Keep an eye out for it to be posted by Friday!

Also, level designers received some great news today! CryEngine, the SDK used by Crytek, is now free! You can now download a free non-commercial license, just like you would with Unity or UDK. This is exciting news, and I know I’ll definitely be downloading a copy shortly.

You can read a short article about the release in Develop Magazine here:

Or you can just skip straight to the CryEngine download web site:

    • Jeff
    • August 18th, 2011

    I am looking forward to your Kismet workshop. Also, thank you for the info about the Cry SDK. I personally am struggling to simulatenously learn Unity and UDK (and 3ds Max, Mudbox & PFHoe) and so Cry might be pushing it … but something to watch. Maybe you could do a introductory workshop on it 🙂

    Thanks anyways

    • The Kismet workshop video is now up! Also, good suggestion about making an intro workshop for CryEngine; I hadn’t even thought about it. And I know how difficult trying to learn multiple engines/programs at once can be, and I’d recommend focusing on one at a time. Take like two weeks, or however much time you need, for each engine and really get to know how it works, then move onto the next one. That’s what I had to do, and it wound up helping a lot. I’ll probably be learning Max and/or Maya myself this fall. Hope that helps a bit and thanks for reading!

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