Unreal University and Upcoming Videos

I’ve currently got two new UDK workshop videos in the works, both of which I hope to finish up this weekend. The first video will be focused on using the terrain, landscape, and foliage tools, while the second will be about creating and importing materials, since it seems to be a popular topic. I’m also planning on making a workshop video for UnrealScript, but I need to brush up my skills a bit with it before I work on that one. If you have any other suggestions for workshop videos, let me know!


While you’re waiting for my videos, why not check out some from Unreal University? The Unreal University sessions from this year’s Montreal International Games Summit are now available on the UDK youtube channel. There are nine videos up currently, and I definitely recommend checking them out (plus, they’re free!).


Check out the videos here: Unreal University Sessions


Since we’re on the subject of UDK, the October 2011 build is available for download! You can download it straight from the official UDK site, and since it’s what I’ll be using for my videos, I highly recommend getting it soon.

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