Tutorials for Making Custom Textures

To go along with the textures and materials tutorial video I’m currently working on, I’ve decided to put together a list of tutorial sites for those interested in creating their own textures from scratch. In my upcoming video, I’ll show how to edit a few textures to prepare them for use in the Unreal Development Kit, but I won’t be covering how to create your own textures from scratch. Be sure to look over the links below if that’s something you’re interested in doing, and let me know if you have any tutorials you want me to add! Remember, I’m definitely not an expert at this, so check out these tutorials to start in the right direction. Also note that the following tutorials are specifically for Photoshop.


Bonus! If you’re interested in creating textures for 3D models/static meshes, check out this tutorial by lead texture artist Daniel Vijoi: Creating Next-Gen Textures


Thanks for reading, and keep a look out for my Textures and Materials in UDK video coming soon!

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