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Game Project and GDC Online

Before I get back to more regular postings, I wanted to say sorry for being so behind lately! I’ve been hard at work on my new horror game project, but now that things are settling down a bit more, I have more time to post here and work on more videos. I also just got back from GDC Online in Austin a few days ago, which means I’ll start posting my “What I Learned at GDC” series again! I’ve also got several UDK workshop videos that have been sitting on the backburner, so I’ll get to work on those soon, too!





For those of you who might be interested, I’ve assembled a team of about ten to fifteen people to work on a 2D horror game called “Delirium.” We’ve been working on the game for a little over a month now, and will have the first two levels working by the end of this month! We’ve started a development blog for the game, which you can check out here: . The rest of the team and myself will be posting about our progress on the game there, so be sure to check it out from time to time! Thanks for your support!

Project Approval!

At my school, all students have a senior innovation project, or SIP, that they have to complete in order to graduate. Since I’ve been preparing things for my upcoming game project entitled “Dead Pixels,” I decided that it would be a good fit for the SIP. We just presented our project proposals last week and I received my feedback yesterday. There were some interesting comments I received from the professors who I presented to, which gave me some new things to think about, but overall, my project got approved. I’m currently working on some documentation and a basic prototype of the game mechanics, and I will be putting together a team come early August, or sooner, depending on how much time I have this month. “Dead Pixels” will be a product of my personal indie studio, Katastrophe Games, and I plan on entering the game into the IGF. There’s a lot of work that is going into this project, so I will be posting here periodically to give updates as to how we’re progressing, as well as any issues we had along the way and their solutions. For those interested, you can read a little more about the game below.


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My Horror Game: The Setting

For the past four months or so, I’ve been on a sort of creative block for my horror game. I knew I wanted to make a horror game, but that was about it. Back in April, I started evaluating typical horror story settings, and although I originally decided to go with a dark apartment for my horror game’s setting, I have now thought of a much better idea. Horror stories, especially games, always take place in a dark location, usually secluded from the rest of the world with very few people or means of escape, but why? Real life horror stories don’t always take place in the middle of nowhere, but rather in familiar places, where we would least expect it. Since I am a horror fiction writer, I fully understand the idea of isolating the reader or audience and drawing on some their greatest fears, which include the dark, being alone, death, etc., but I think it’s time for something new.

So after careful consideration, I have decided that my upcoming horror game will not take place in the middle of nowhere, but in a resort hotel in a tropical getaway. The game will take place in the hotel and its surrounding area, including parts of the city, the beach, etc. This will require further research in order to completely form an image of the environment, but I have a vague idea of what I want. I have yet to decide on a time period, and at this point, I’m thinking something very modern. Despite the time period, the location of the tropical getaway will not be a real destination, but rather a culmination of all those tropical places we dream of going to on rainy days in the city. After all, I wouldn’t want to scare people away from the Bahamas or anything.

Now, a tropical getaway is most certainly not somewhere you would go and expect to be scared out of your pants, and that’s exactly why I chose it as my setting. In my personal experience, some of the most frightening things have happened to me in places that I would not expect it, such as my bathroom, bedroom, and backyard. A vacation resort is a place where we usually go to escape reality, which is the reason for the characters’ stay, but in this case, I plan on having a little mystery and, of course, a lot of terrifying events. The story is very vague at this time, but the setting is becoming clear in my mind. Check back in the next week or so for some concept art and research photos/inspiration!