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Portfolio Site Renovated

I spent the day today renovating my portfolio site, so if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out in its usual spot:

The new design should be semi-permanent, at least until I get sick of looking at it and redesign everything (I think I may have web design ADD). Implementing the anchor with the game controller was key for me, as this is my new logo and I plan on updating my business cards to include it soon. The site now includes my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, so feel free to add me if you haven’t already. The game design section of the site now features the two main projects I am working on: Energy, a student project, and Monster MadRush, which is my own personal project. Even with game design, it’s better to show than to tell, so I’ve removed those extensive game documents and now only show snippets of game docs in the form of a screenshot. For my own game, I will be doing the same for pieces of code I feel are important, since I will be coding the game myself. The level design section finally features updated screenshots, pre-production snippets, Kismet sequence samples, walkthrough videos, and updated descriptions. Only one new level was added, due to time constraints, since the site renovations were supposed to go live before GDC, although that didn’t happen due to issues with the host.


The site can now more easily be updated, and I plan on having all new levels updated over the remainder of this semester to replace the ones that are there now. If you notice any issues with the site, or just have a suggestion to make it more accessible, please let me know! Well, that’s enough about the web site; prepare for “What I Learned at GDC” articles being posted tonight and over the course of this busy spring break!

Turning Frankenstein Into a Game

Last semester, I took a Horror Fiction class, in which we had to read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. When finals came around, we had the opportunity to create almost anything we wanted, so long as it pertained to the novel. At first, I had no idea what to do, but when my final for Rapid Game Prototyping was announced, I decided to make a prototype game that followed the novel’s story as close as possible.

Read on to find out exactly how this prototype was developed, and a link to download the executable so you can actually play it!


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GDC Update

The blog is not dead! I’m working on several posts, but between schoolwork, personal projects, a school project I’m working on, preparing for GDC, and getting my portfolio site up and working, I’ve been busy. I’ll be heading out to Austin, Texas next week for GDC Online as a volunteer, so come find me if you’ll be there! In the meantime, please be patient as I try to get the posts up. I have a lot of upcoming posts, but I just haven’t had the time recently. No promises on any posts this week or the next, but after I get back from GDC, I’ll try to have everything back up and running. Thanks again to all the awesome people who keep reading.