A Guide for First-Time Students at GDC

Next week, I will be attending the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. (If you’re going and want to meet up, tweet me  – @praliedutzel) Unfortunately, this year, I only have an expo pass, so I might not be posting any “What I Learned at GDC” articles. Instead, I plan on doing a ton of networking in preparation for my upcoming graduation this April, as well as marketing the game I’ve been working on, Delirium. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been talking with the team about what to expect at GDC and how to be prepared. Because the majority of the team has never been to GDC, a lot of really good questions came up, so I decided that it might be helpful to write about what I talked with the team about. Read on for a guide to GDC for first-time-attending students!


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